Our School

It all begins with curiosity

Children have infinite possibilities and limitless opportunities. At this early age group, children are interested and curious to learn new things, they absorb everything they see and experience, and we are here to support the children every step of the way. We have put together a healthy and well balanced program in a warm and  beautiful environment to nurture their creative minds.

At Olivetree International School, we focus on hands-on activities. We encourage the children to find their own answers and learn from them. We have activities for each age group and are here to guide each child to discover and experience learning in a comforting and relaxed atmosphere.

Our staff is highly qualified, and has years of experience in this particular age group. We feel that it is best for children to learn through enticing their curiosity and exploring their inquiries, that is why Olivetree encourages outdoor learning, outside play, simple walks in the park, and field trips throughout the year. Our goal is to meet each child's growth and needs in a safe, loving and relaxed environment.

We kept the teacher student ratio small so that each child will receive the attention and care they deserve.

We encourage the children to be independent thinkers, and to be able to express their thoughts and feelings so that they can become wholesome, confident adults. Our goal is to inspire children to become mindful citizens of this planet who will continue to grow and be curious and interested in learning throughout their lives.