Our Uniqueness

What is unique about Olivetree International School

Gymnastics class

We have gymnastic classes by TOMAS Gymnastics teachers on a weekly basis. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, and balance, which is very important in this age group. Children above 3 years old will start participating based on their skills.

*TOMAS Gymnastics created by a gold medalist Olympian in gymnastics, offers classes in various parts of Tokyo. It has a high reputation in their teaching skills and professionalism.

Japanese class

We have Japanese classes so the children are exposed to the Japanese language and culture. The children will have a chance to learn about Japan, although the main classes will be in English. There will be a good balance as an immersion program.


STEAM is a hands-on activity that develop children’s critical thinking, communication skills, experience, and problem solving. We have simple age-appropriate and fun STEAM experiments that stimulates their curiosity and interest.

Sign language

Sign language is a communication that can be taught as early as 6 months. There are many proven benefits of sign language in early childhood development as it creates an internationally inclusive setting.

Outdoor education

We will be taking the children outside as much as we can weather permitting, so that they can learn to think outside of the box. We have daily activities “morning circle” and “story time” at the parks. We also planned field trips related to seasonal themes.

Appreciating food

One of our focus is teaching the  children the importance of food; how they grow, what kind of nutrients they have and how they can be cooked, and what it tastes like. There will be random cooking classes using different ingredients, and even a shopping day to supermarkets to see what they sell during the different seasons.

Feeling the season

The lucky part of living in Japan is that we can experience all 4 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). During the year we can feel the difference of temperature, observe plants/flowers, learn about animals, and sing seasonal songs. It also relates with learning the life cycle.


We are located in the heart of Tokyo. Shibuya is next to one of Tokyo’s biggest parks, Yoyogi Koen. There is a small park with slides and a small soccer field nearby for the children to run around. Yoyogi-koen station is 1min walk which is very convenient. There is also an Olympic pool just several minutes away.