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Private Tutoring Sessions

We help grades K-12, College Students, and ESL learners (ages 5 and up). Subjects covered: K-12 Math, Science, English, Social Studies, History, Reading / Phonics, and Essay Writing.

3 Tier Mentorship Services

Our 3 tier mentorship programs are Therapeautic Mentoring, S.T.E.A.D.Y Basketball Training, and Career Readiness. Our mentorship programs are here to help students in need of guidance.

Productivity for Student Athletes.

Our S.T.E.A.D.Y. Program assists student athletes with becoming more balanced to exceed in both sports and academics.

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Our 3 Tier Mentoring Services

In order for one to feel valued and be inspired to improve their quality of life, they need positive reinforcement, and an inclusive environment that provides outlets they enjoy or for mental and emotional support.

Tier 1- Therapeautic Mentoring

Here we focus on helping the student feel valued and appreciated. If the student is facing depression, low self-esteem / confidence, a victim of bullying or peer pressure, stress and anxiety, or is grieving a loss, we focus on providing 1 on 1 personal support.

Tier 2- S.T.E.A.D.Y. Basketball Training

This Tier is to serve as a positive reinforcement for student-athletes to help them maintain above average academics while acquiring stellar talents. Our trainers instill newfound basketball playing ability along with academic and personal confidence.

Tier 3- Entrepreneurship and Career Readiness

Our mentors are experienced in helping students map out their future career plans! We also support young entrepreneurs looking for guidance in business ownership.

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