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Our mission has always been to enlighten and help students grow. As a non-profit organization, we provide student mentorship and student athelete training services for free to the community.

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Why Donate to Olive Tree Tutoring?

We have a single goal: to grow the prosperity and skills of the students we work with. That means helping students work towards attaining new opportunities and that takes considerable effort.

We Use Donations to Help and Provide Essential Resources to Our Students Such As:

Your donation is an investment into the future of our youth and community.

Learning Materials & Updated Technologies

Entrepreneurship and Business Education

Student Athelte Sports Training and Acceleration Programs

Retain Qualified Instructors that are Results Oriented

Free Mentoring Services

Intership Opportunities for aspiring educators

Our Mission

"We want students to seek knowledge and pursue life wherever they go. Olive Tree is a home for young students that are looking for more opportunity in their lives while unlocking their full potential. Your donation, no matter how big or small, contributes to the education of our students and helps us continue providing these essential services for free for all students that may need them. You can help make a true meaningful impact for these students."
Elizabeth Janvier, Founder of Olive Tree Tutoring

Every Donation Goes to a Student in Need.

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