Our Mission

Our mission is to serve thriving students in the general public at large using a tailored tutor-mentorship approach as they pursue life.

Our Tutoring Model

We’ve considered a non-traditional model that allows room for each student to learn and develop academic skills at their own pace.

Custom Lesson Plans

Our instructors are qualified to develop their own lesson plans or weekly session agendas that are tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Catch Up on Key Areas

Our tutoring model is ideal for those seeking long-term help for a feasable rate with results-oriented tutors.

Long Term Additional Help

Each lesson builds from the previous one. We cater every session to work with the student's particular learning style so knowledge is retained and material is easier to understand.

Mentoring Services

As a non-traditional tutoring business, we make mentoring services available to our students with additional needs.

Meet the Olive Branch

CEO and Founder

Elizabeth Janvier

Elizabeth, an Aurora University Alumni earned her Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in Servant Leadership. She has over seven years in various academic and social service positions. In her experiences, she enjoyed helping and mentoring at-risk students, and individuals with learning disabilities. Her delight in working with students is greatly reflected in her positive attitude and an undying passion to encourage struggling learners with her personalized tutoring methods. Her specialties include English, Reading comprehension, all level essay writing, and creative writing skills. Elizabeth is a firm believer that in meeting the individual where they are, their doubts can be transformed into bringing forth rewarding results. She helps students turn 'I can't' to 'I can'!

Vice President and Secretary

Sabrina Janvier

Proud Alumni of Chicago Math and Science Academy charter school, earned her Bachelors of science degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology from Indiana State University. Sabrina leads the Career Mentoring Program to help young people plan their futures! She shares a diverse working background in serving businesses for 7 years as a Technical Director in Media and an Analyst in business finances that entail payroll, tax, and banking.​

Director of Education and Sports Leadership​

James Steadman III​

James has Bachelors degree in Kinesology and Sports science. He leads the student athlete program and has years of experience helping students better themselves! For nearly 6 years now, James is a Special Education Teacher Assistant at the MDE School in Cobb County. His specialties include but not limited to teaching children, grades K-12 with special needs, as well as coaching. James’s faith in God, overall positive attitude, and patience continue to contribute to his success.​

Chief Financial Officer​

Richard D. Garrett​​

Richard has a Minor in Accounting and a MBA Business Administration. He helps Olive Tree Tutoring with his experience in financial management. With six years of experience in Day Care Management and over 10 years in Bookkeeping, he served as a Business Consultant and Bookkeeper for small businesses in the Chicago land area. ​

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